Effective Online Teaching Toolkit

To support instructors needing to make a quick transition to utilizing an online environment, The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) has provided an Online Teaching Toolkit to serve as a resource that can be immediately put to use to benefit both faculty and their students. (click on the underlined word to access the link)

These resources are divided into six key topic areas for teaching remotely: (simply click the title that interest you for access) 

This is a GREAT resource for developing online activities and strategies to help address some of the instructional challenges you may be facing. If you have areas that are not covered in any of the resources available, please make any of us in CTE aware so that we can better assist you!

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Solve a Teaching Problem

Use this tool to solve teaching problems you might be encountering in your class. Through the information on the site, you can identify the root of the problem and explore possible solutions to implement.
(Elberly Center, Carnegie Mellon)

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Classroom Assessment Techniques - CATs

Are you familiar with Classroom Assessment Techniques? They can be valuable tools to provide feedback "during the learning process." Click on the link above to find out more about CATs and how you can use them in your class.
(Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching)

Open Educational Resources (OER) are textbooks, courses, learning objects, videos and other multimedia that are "open" in the sense that they are free to use, adopt and sometimes modify. Many OER are licensed using a Creative Commons license that grants users specific rights for reuse, remixing, and distributing content.

With the rising cost of textbooks and materials and the challenge of ensuring students have materials before courses begin, OER can ensure students get affordable materials in a timely manner. 

Below is a list of OER resources. If you have a specific area of content you are looking for, feel free to
contact us and we can help gather options for you.


General Open Educational Resources

OER Commons: A repository of resources and tools for creating your own open resources.

Openstax CNX: A collection of open textbooks and resources (Rice University).

CollegeOpenTextbooks: A list of textbooks by subject with license information provided.

MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Online Learning and Teaching.

The Orange Grove: State of Florida resource repository.

Affordable Learning Solutions: Open resources organized by discipline (San Jose State)

USG OER for Top 50 Courses: Recommendations for OER based on the University System of Georgia’s most popular courses.

Jorum: A collection of open resources specifically for higher education communities.

SOL*R: A collection of shareable online learning resources.

Public Domain Review: A collection of works available in the public domain.

Creative Commons: Search for media, music, images and more.


Open Courseware

Open Course Library: A collection of complete courses available for download.

OpenCourseWare: A repository of courses and their resources (MIT).

OpenCourseWare: A repository of courses and their resources (Notre Dame).

Academic Earth: A repository of open courses from multiple schools and sites.

Open Learning Initiative: A collection of complete courses (Carnegie Mellon).

Saylor Foundation: A collection of courses and textbooks.


Learning Objects

Wisconsin Online Resource Center: A digital library of learning objects.

Minnesota Online Digital Exchange (MODE): A digital learning object exchange.



YouTube: Videos on any topic imaginable. Can also filter by Creative Commons to edit or remix videos.

iTunesU: Video and audio material from a variety of sources.

Khan Academy: Video lessons on numerous topics.

TED: Videos on a wide range of topics.

TEDEd: Lessons on a wide range of topics with customization available.

MIT Video: Video offerings from MIT, particularly science-related.

PBS Learning Media: Multimedia offerings on numerous topics.

TeacherTube: A collection of educational video resources.


Discipline Specific


Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

SmartHistory: An interactive timeline of Art History by the Khan Academy

History Matters: An annotated website for U.S. history resources (George Mason).

Sage American History: Resources for the teaching of U.S. history.


Mathematics & Science

AMSER: Applied math and science education repository.

iLumina: A digital library of math and science teaching materials.

National Science Digital Library: A repository of learning objects and materials.

STAR Tools: Interactive simulators to teach concepts (MIT).

Virtual Labs: Online simulation of a chemistry lab.

PhET: Interactive simulations for teaching and learning science (University of Colorado, Boulder).

BioInteractive: Resources for science education.

National Association of Biology Teachers: A collection of resources in a variety of biology topics.



Directory of Open Access Journals: An online directory of open access, peer-reviewed jou

Here are a few places you can find images to use in your online course spaces. Please keep in mind that some images require proper attribution. Please follow all attribution guidelines.


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The Online Teaching Toolkit serves as an excellent resource for online activities for those moving from face-to-face to online as well as for those who are very familiar with teaching online. This is an online activity guide that should be very useful with the Course Development Process Guide. This tool is a valuable resource made available by the Association for Colleges and Universities. Please contact klee@swu.edu, swillians@swu.edu, or klee@swu.edu if additional one-on-one assistance is needed. Due to the current pandemic, assistance outside of office hours is available by texting K. Lee at 912-656-1120.



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