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faith integration gear logoWelcome to what we pray is a wealth of information in the process of the Integration of Faith and Learning.  You will find a number of helpful resources including books and articles as well as a growing number of videos and podcasts, most of which are divided into their particular disciplines.  Additionally, please take a chance to check out our blog and news updates on this page below.  Lastly, the most important resource when it comes to integration of faith and learning are the indispensable instructors here at the university.  Please provide feedback on requests, pointers, suggestions and even some testimonials of how you have integrated faith into your courses.


Faith Integration Guide for Course Architecture

Making the SWU Course Uniquely Christian

Affiliate Faculty Guide to Spiritual Formation in the Online Course

The Practice of the Presence of God

A number of attributes distinguished God among all other deities throughout history, one of which was His experienced presence on earth.  From the creation of the world all the way to the culmination of God's global plan, He has interjected Himself i...

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Faith Integration: Caught not Taught

When it comes to faith integration, are our students really “getting it”?  Do we stop to analyse our methods of integration to ensure that they are not only present in the class but properly interpreted by the student?

As we think of the i...

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Servant Leadership in Education


As you consider the greatest leader that you have personally known, what was it that made this individual such a great leader?  What personal qualities did you observe and which ones meant the most to you?

Christians would agree that Jesus Chris...

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     Scott Williams is a North Carolina native who was called to the ministry in the jungles of Ghana, just after graduating from college.  Following that powerful encounter with God, he went to seminary to study cross-cultural church planting.  In the midst of his time in seminary, he led a number of short-term mission trips where he would meet the girl who one day became his wife.  Subsequently, he spent a year living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, training pastors and working with a school, orphanage and itinerant ministry teams. 

     After arriving back in the U.S. he started pastoring a church in his native NC along with teaching middle and high school at Hayworth Christian School.  He taught for three years and then moved to Birmingham, AL to get married to his mission sweetheart.  Since that time he has served at Brookview Wesleyan Church and most recently at Lyman Wesleyan in South Carolina.

     Above all, Scott desires to see individuals reintroduced to Jesus Christ and walking in an intimate relationship with God the Father.  He longs for believers to experience the transformational power and identity of the Holy Spirit.  When he is not in the office, Scott appreciates hiking, cycling, kayaking, reading and avoiding yard work.

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