The Center for Teaching Excellence aims to promote and enhance teaching excellence at Southern Wesleyan University through faculty support, professional development, innovative use of instructional technology, and continuous improvement within the learning environment.  

 Our mission is characterized by the following focus areas:

  • supporting a community of teacher-scholars committed to exploring, implementing, and sharing best practices in teaching and learning;
  • organizing and providing professional development for faculty in instruction-related topics;
  • providing individualized consulting services in course design and instruction;
  • promoting faith integration by resourcing instructors to improve their understanding of the relationship between their field and the Christian faith
  • supporting continuous improvement through assessment and reflective practice; and
  • promoting faculty leadership in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Training Opportunities

Join in with the continued discussion at Southern Wesleyan University about the implications of race and its meaning in our society today. Click on Episode 1 - The Difference Between Us (below) to access the video and the Panel Discussion led by Dr. Elizabeth Drury.

Episode 1 - The Difference Between Us

Episode 2 - The Story We Tell

Episode 3 - The House We Live In



   Phone: 864-644-5030
   Location: Rickman Library Basement

Dr. Karen Lee - CTE Director & Faculty Development
Location: Rickman Library O-115
Phone: 864-644-5037 


Jody Kelley - LMS Administrative Support Specialist 
Location: Rickman Library O-113
Phone: 864-644-5038


Rev. Scott Williams - Coordinator of Faith-Based Learning
Location: Rickman Library O-112
Phone: 864-644-5031