Let's face it, if you are reading this right now you are most likely balancing school while working a full-time job, trying to be a good spouse, parent, citizen, church member, school board member, homemaker, lunch maker, bill payer, and no doubt the list goes on, all while hoping in the midst of it all to have a couple free minutes to catch your breath.  Even then, those free moments are filled with raging thoughts of "what I need to be doing next!"  Well, the last thing you need is another chore on your plate but if you have found this little corner of the SWU website then perhaps you may be seeking an article on maintaining proper life balance, making time for self-care or maybe just a word of encouragement.

Below you will find some helpful resources that may bring a bit of refreshment to your week.  Our online chaplain is available to walk this educational journey with you and provide support in these challenging months.  Feel free to contact Scott Williams via email, give him a call during office hours 8:00am - 4:30pm at 864-644-5031, or text anytime at 864-508-7052.  You can also access an online chat window at the bottom right of this page.  

Blessings be upon you as you navigate this admirable pursuit of higher learning! 




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