University Policies
Please review prior to the installation of any software on university-owned computers
(.doc, 54K)
Please review prior to publishing Internet content
(.doc, 40K)
Please read and understand the details of this policy if you have been granted administrative rights to a PC
(.doc, 26K)

This document includes information regarding network account creation, password rules and termination of network access.

(.doc, 44K)
This document includes information regarding outages, planned and unplanned, and the actions taken to communicate with our users.
(.doc, 38K)
Information regarding the disposal of e-waste and procedures required to protect data security when equipment is retired.
(.doc, 41K)

This document provides guidelines for the purchase computer hardware or the receipt of computer hardware through a gift in kind donation.

(.doc, 28K)
Users are responsible to read and follow these guidelines when using any SWU network resources.
(.docx, 21K)

Human Resources

Jenzabar Procedures


This is a PDF guide on how to reset your mySWU password and SWU email password.

(.pdf, 382K)