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Go to Quick Links on the left side of any page on mySWU to locate the iSupport Link. 


General Information

This procedure was written for the Admissions department, but it applies to anyone who would need to mass add notepad entries to multiple students or constituents at once.
(.pdf, 813K)

Manual for creating and maintaining Jenzabar Workflow portlets on mySWU

(.doc, 394K)

Helpful Links

This link contains access to Jenzabar University.  Here you will find access to the Course Catalog, e-Learning On Demand, and other training information.
1. Login to
2. If you don't have an account, view the Knowledge Base instructional for Requesting Jenzabar Credentials.*
*Ensure that your immediate supervisor has discussed and approved with Information Technology about providing Jenzabar credentials to you if they have not already done so.