Vehicle Registration

Click here to register your vehicle for a parking permit.  All faculty, staff, and students bringing vehicles to campus are required to register.  Citations can also be viewed, paid, and appealed from this link. 


Parking Information


NOTE: Map is not to scale and is only intended to orient the user to general locations.  Follow any specific markings and signage provided in each lot.



1. Fines must be paid in full at by the last day of the semester.  Transcripts, grades, and diplomas will not be issued to students with outstanding fines.  Students with outstanding fines will not be cleared to register.

2.  Tickets paid within 10 business days will be reduced by 50%.

3.  Appeals must be submitted to within five days of the date the citation is issued.  Campus safety officers do not handle appeals.



Repeat offenses (3rd and subsequent) may result in towing, booting and/or suspension of driving privileges on campus.



Medical permits may be obtained if a temporary medical issue (e.g. surgery, broken leg) limits your mobility.  A medical permit allows you to park in the closest available student or faculty/staff space. 

A state-issued handicap permit is still required for handicap parking.  To obtain a medical pass, bring a letter from your physician to Campus Safety.



If your regular vehicle is being repaired or if you have purchased a new vehicle, you may obtain a temporary permit until your regular vehicle is returned or your new vehicle is registered.  You may obtain a temporary permit from Student Life.



There is a $35 charge for obtaining vehicle registration stickers and this must be renewed each academic year. All vehicle
registrations, tickets, and temporary parking permits are handled in the Campus Safety Office. The following are general
campus parking and motor vehicle regulations. For lot-specific regulations, refer to, and obey, all signage and pavement
1. Operation of a motor vehicle on University property without proper license and insurance may result in towing
of vehicle at owner/operator’s expense, loss of driving privileges on campus, and/or reporting to Central
Police Department.
2. All University staff and student vehicles must be properly registered, including make, model, tag number and
state, with the Campus Safety Office and must have a sticker displayed properly (Faculty/Staff: hang tag from
rearview mirror // Students: back windshield, bottom left side) to operate on University property.
3. Unregistered vehicles (with Southern Wesleyan University) may obtain a temporary pass from the Campus Safety Office. This should be obtained either prior to or as soon as the vehicle is brought on campus. All vehicles
must have a parking permit in the proper place on vehicle (exceptions are made in extreme cases and must
be requested in writing).
4. Parking is allowed only in areas designated by permit.
5. No parking is allowed in the square. This is for pick up and drop off only. 
6. Only visitors may park in visitor spaces. Faculty/Staff/Students are not considered visitors. 
          (This includes the spaces in front of Nicholson-Mitchell Ministry Center and Childs Dr. near the Dining Commons).
7. The parking policy is in force 24 hours a day.
8. Reckless or unsafe operation of a motor vehicle on University property is prohibited and may incur a $25.00
fine, possible reporting to Central Police Department, and/or possible revocation of campus driving and
parking privileges.
9. No parking or driving on grass is permitted anywhere except in designated lots/spaces.
10. No parking along areas or curbs painted red for Fire Lanes or yellow indicated also by signs.
11. Violators will be notified by summons on vehicle and by email.
12. Most parking fines are $30.00.
13. Parking fines are to be paid online at
14. Vehicles may be immobilized, towed at owner/operator’s expense and/or permanently restricted from campus
for severe or repeated parking/registration violations, or failure to respond to notice(s) of violations.
15. You may appeal a ticket that you feel was given in a manner that is inconsistent with the parking policy.
Follow the instructions printed on the ticket if you wish to appeal.
16. Appeals must be submitted within five days of the ticket issue date.
17. Commuters planning to leave a car overnight should notify the Campus Safety office.
18. No overnight parking in non-residential lots without prior approval from the Campus Safety office.
19. No vehicle may park in handicapped parking unless the vehicle displays a state-issued handicapped parking placard or license plate. If observed by the Central Police, the police will request an arrest warrant as required by South Carolina state law and will result in a court appearance with a MIMIMUM FINE of $500 and a MAXIMUM FINE of $1000, plus court costs and assessments. If observed by Campus Safety, the offense is subject to towing and/or a $100 fine.
20. The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour.
21. A vehicle may be immobilized or towed upon the receipt of a third ticket during a semester.  All outstanding tickets must be paid before the vehicle can be recovered and a receipt must be presented to the towing company.
22. Any boot/immobilization tool will be removed after all outstanding tickets are paid and the boot fee of $50 is paid.
23. There will be a $200 fine for any tampering with a boot/immobilization tool.
24. Individuals who accumulate six tickets during a semester will be subject to restrictions which will include, but are not limited to, a designated parking space. The restrictions will be determined by the Office of Student Life and Campus Safety.
25. Once a vehicle has been immobilized, if fines are not paid within two business days, the vehicle will be towed.
26. Any registered vehicle on campus property must be maintained in working order. Failure to do so will result in revocation of permit and towing.
27. Any motorcycle, “street legal” dirt bike, moped, or motorized scooter must display a permit. The permit may be displayed on the body of the vehicle or on an inspection sticker plate. All parking regulations apply to these vehicles.
28. Any decal that is improperly displayed is subject to a fine.
29. Parking fines that are paid within 10 days will be reduced by 50%. Handicap fines, boot fees, and towing fees are not eligible for reduction.
30. All outstanding parking fines must be paid. Outstanding fines will result in a hold on your account, which will prevent you from registering for classes and having transcripts released.