Q: I am a visitor to campus.  Where can I park?

A: Visitor parking is available on Wesleyan Drive near the square, behind Nicholson Mitchell, and in front of Childs Hall.  See the map in the "Parking" tab for more details.  If you are part of a group, event, or the guest of a department, your host may provide you with additional instructions.


Q: How do I appeal a parking citation?

A: Campus Safety citations can be viewed, paid, or appealed at www.permitsales.net/SWU.  Campus Safety officers do not handle appeals or take payments.  If the citation was issued by the Town of Central, follow the instructions included with the citation. 


Q: Can a Campus Safety officer stop me?

A: Yes.  Campus Safety security officers have law enforcement authority, including arrest powers, on Southern Wesleyan University property.  Failure to comply with Campus Safety personnel may result in student discipline, criminal charges, or both.


Q: How do I update my emergency notification preferences?

A: Click on the SWUALERT tab on the Campus Safety page menu and follow the instructions.  You can also use the free AlertMe-Regroup app available on iOS or Android device.


Q: Do I have to register my vehicle? 

A: All students, faculty, and staff bringing a vehicle on campus must register at www.permitsales.net/SWU.  Failure to register may result in citations, booting, or towing.


Q: What happens if I do not pay a citation?

A: A hold will be placed on accounts with any outstanding fines.  Students with holds will be unable to graduate or register until the fine has been paid and the hold has been removed.


Q: Will Campus Safety unlock my vehicle?

A: Due to the potential for damage to vehicles, Campus Safety does not unlock vehicles.  We suggest contacting a professional locksmith to avoid damage to locking mechanisms.


Q: Will Campus Safety unlock a building or dorm room for me?

A: Facility use must be scheduled through Auxiliary Services.  Campus Safety locks/unlocks buildings according to this schedule.  To access your residence hall,  room, or apartment, attempt to contact your RA or RD before contacting Campus Safety. 


Q: Can I obtain a temporary parking permit?

A: You can obtain a temporary parking permit from Campus Safety  if you are temporarily borrowing a vehicle or if you have recently purchased a vehicle and are waiting on a license plate.


Q: I have difficulty walking.  Can I get a handicap parking decal?

A: Handicap placards are only issued by the SCDMV upon recommendation of a physician.  While we cannot give you permission circumvent state law to park in handicap areas, Campus Safety can assist you with other reasonable accommodations.