ID Cards

ID cards are available for faculty, staff, students, and certain affiliated personnel.  Most ID cards will contain barcodes for services such as chapel, dining, and the library.  Cards may also be programmed to provide proximity "prox" access to specific electronic locks on campus.  Lanyards and clips are also available.  To schedule an appointment for an ID, email Adam Ladd at 


Replacement Cards

Once issued, cards are the responsibility of the assignee to maintain.  Replacement ID cards are available in cases of lost or damaged original IDs.  Replacement ID cards are available for a $25 cash fee per card.


Card Care

Proximity ID cards contain an embedded circuit with encoded information.  Proper care should be taken to ensure card functionality:

  • Do not expose your card to extreme temperatures
  • Do not punch holes in your card
  • Do not bend your card


Malfunctioning Cards

  • Ensure the card is a proximity card.  If so, a serial number will be located on the back bottom edge of the card.
  • Ensure the card is being held up to the lock until it has a chance to read the card.  Swiping the card or scanning from a wallet or phone holder may result in a misread.
  • Note whether the lock beeps or flashes red.  
  • Report card malfunctions to Student Life by email at