SWU Global Engagement 2019-2020


Bahamas: Spring Break March 6-15, 2020

  • Destination: Bahamas
  • Dates:   March 6-15, 2020
  • Approximate Cost:  $500   Team Size: 10
  • Team Leader: Wes Pate
  • Mission: This trip will be hurricane relief ministry with World Hope International (WHI). Hurricane relief ministry in the Bahamas will be a long journey.  Each of these trips will have a different ministry focus, either relief, cleanup, or rebuild.  We will work closely with a well-established ministry partner on the ground.    
  • Application Deadline:  Jan 31 @ MySWU/GlobalEngagement


Bahamas: May 13-23, 2020

  • Destination: Bahamas
  • Dates:   May 13-23, 2020
  • Approximate Cost:  $800- 900.   Team Size: 
  • Team Leader: TBD
  • Mission: This trip will be hurricane relief ministry with World Hope International (WHI). Hurricane relief ministry in the Bahamas will be a long journey. For this trip we want to partner with students and staff from Oklahoma Wesleyan University. By this time the focus of ministry will likely be toward rebuild. Members of this team should have some light construction skills.  
  • Application Deadline:  


Kenya: May 16-27, 2020

  • Destination: Kenya
  • Dates:   May 16-27, 2020
  • Approximate Cost:  $1900.   Team Size: 
  • Team Leader: Dr. Paul Shotsburger
  • Mission: This is an academic missions trip designed for those who desire to use their major in a cross-cultural setting. Education majors are especially encouraged to participate, but all majors are welcome. We will be staying in Kisumu, the third-largest city in Kenya. We will have about a week in-country, including a weekend for attending worship service(s) and doing some sightseeing. We will partner with a non-profit organization called Transforming Nations (transforming-nations.org). They have been in Kenya since 2015, and we will come alongside them to work with kids in their orphanage, minister to street kids, and teach in a local school.  
  • Informational Meeting: Monday, Sept 30th @ 4pm


China: July 6-19, 2020

  • Destination: China
  • Dates:   July 6-19, 2020
  • Approximate Cost:  $1500.   Team Size: 
  • Team Leader: Dave Tolan
  • Mission:Teaching English and building relationships.  Partnering with Teach Abroad China, https://www.teachabroadchina.org/  and their in-country partner, Beijing International Educational Exchange.  This will be a two-week-long English camp hosted at high schools in Beijing. Our team will be resourced and will provide a creative, immersive English camp experience.  There will be opportunities for sightseeing including The Great Wall of China.
  • Application Deadline:  


Characteristics of SWU Global Engagement Service Trips

  • Committed to partner with local organizations and individuals.
  • Committed to service and hard work. 
  • Committed to honor the local culture and people.
  • Committed to encouragement and teamwork.
  • Committed to development and sustainability.
  • Committed to honoring Jesus Christ in all things.

Global Engagement Applicants

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To apply for a Global Engagement Trip, please download this word file and fill it out.

Once completed, send it to Dave Tolan at dtolan@swu.edu