SWU Global Engagement Spring 2019


Puerto Rico: Spring Break 2019

  • Destination:  Puerto Rico
  • Dates:  Thursday, March 7 – Saturday March 16
  • Approximate Cost:  $800.             Team Size:  8-10
  • Team Leader:  Mr. Brad Bowen
  • Mission: To partner with The Wesleyan Church and local hurricane relief and community development ministries.  The team will focus on more neglected communities outside the urban San Juan area, providing hurricane relief assistance through light construction and encouragement. 
  • Application Deadline:  January 18 @ MySWU/GlobalEngagement
Hurricane Maria's devastation 
Serving in PR
May 2018 team


 SWU Global Engagement May 2019

Ukraine: May, 2019

  • Destination: Kiev, Ukraine 
  • Approximate Cost:  $2,100.   Team size: 9-10
  • Dates:  May 11– 26, 2019
  • Team Leader: Dr. Paul Shotsberger, a former missionary to Ukraine
  • Mission: Designed for those who desire to explore how to use their major in a cross-cultural setting. Education majors are especially encouraged to participate, but all majors are welcome. The team will partner with local churches and schools to reach out to children and families in the community.   
  • Application Deadline:  January 11 @ MySWU/GlobalEngagement
Kiev, Ukraine


Reaching out



Haiti: May, 2019

  • Destination: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Dates:   May 7–18, 2019 
  • Approximate Cost:   $1,400.   Team Size:  8-10
  • In-Country Team Leaders: Daniel and Deanna Stanley
  • Mission: The team will partner with SWU grads and Wesleyan missionaries, Daniel and Deanna Stanley, and their work in Haiti.  Ministry will include light construction, children and youth ministry in the community and community development. 
  • Application Deadline:  February 22 @ MySWU/GlobalEngagement
Haitian boys
Daniel, Deanna, and family
Haitian village


Dearborn, MI: May, 2019

  • Destination: Dearborn, MI - Suburb of Detroit, MI
  • Dates:   May 7–18, 2019 
  • Approximate Cost:  $800.   Team Size:  8-9
  • Team Leader: Rev. Dave Tolan
  • Mission: Dearborn MI hosts the largest concentration of Arabic Muslims in the world outside of the Arabian Peninsula. The team will partner with SWU grads, Adam and Krista Jones, as they seek to build redemptive relationships through teaching English, (TESOL), and community outreach.    
  • Application Deadline:  February 22 @ MySWU/GlobalEngagement




Characteristics of SWU Global Engagement Service Trip

  • Committed to partner with local organizations and individuals.
  • Committed to service and hard work. 
  • Committed to honor the local culture and people.
  • Committed to encouragement and teamwork.
  • Committed to development and sustainability.
  • Committed to honoring Jesus Christ in all things.
Global Engagement Applicants

To apply for a Global Engagement Trip, please download this word file and fill it out.

Once completed, send it to Dave Tolan at dtolan@swu.edu

(.docx, 14K)