FAQ- Chapel Attendance

Q. How many chapel experiences will I have the opportunity to attend?
  There will be at least 40 chapel experiences per semester.
Q.  How many of those will I be required to attend?
  Traditional students with 12 or more course hours are required to attend 24 chapel experiences.
Q.  If I am a commuter, am I still required to attend chapel?
  If you are a traditional student with 12 or more course hours…..Yes.
Q.  How do I get credit for attendance?
  You must arrive on time or before chapel begins and remain until the conclusion of the event to receive credit for attendance.
Q.  What if I am late?
  If you arrive more than 5 minutes after the event starts you will not receive credit.  You may stay and be a part of the event, but you will not receive credit.  If you feel you have a valid reason for being late, you must tell the person monitoring the attendance before entering.
Q.  What is the process for getting counted present for the event?
  At the end of the event you must present your student ID card and be scanned out.  You are allowed one event a semester that you may sign out if you forget to bring your ID card.
Q.  How can I know how many chapels I’ve attended each semester?
  You are responsible for keeping up with your chapel attendance.
• Sign in to MySWU
• Click on the “Community” tab
• Click on “Chapel”
• Beside the semester and year – press the ‘continue’ button
You will see your name, the semester year, and the total number of chapels that you have attended.
Below your name and number of chapels, you will see the chapel schedule showing a green check in the box of the chapels you have attended and a red “X” in the box of the chapels that you have not attended.  
Please allow three business days for chapel attendance to be processed and credited. If after three business days you notice a discrepancy in your chapel attendance report, please notify either Chaplain Ken Dill ( ) or Laura Hedden ( as soon as possible. 
-- It is good practice to check your chapel report weekly so if there is a discrepancy, we can discuss the chapel event and correct it early. But again, please wait until after three business days have passed before contacting staff.
Q.  How can I satisfy the required number of chapels?
  You can satisfy the 24 required chapels by attending regular chapel services on Mondays & Wednesdays, 10:00am – 10:50am in Newton Hobson Chapel and Fine Arts Center, by attending the Spiritual Emphasis services, and other events approved by the Spiritual Life and Ministry Department.
Q.  What are the consequences for not attending the required number of chapels?
  The first offense will require the student to be enrolled in SEMR 0951 Exploring Spiritual Development the following semester.  For a second offense, the student will be enrolled in the afore mentioned class the next semester and placed on social probation.  For a third offense, the student will appear before the Spiritual Life Council and may face dismissal.
Q.  Who do I contact for more information?
  Ken Dill, the University Chaplain, will be happy to assist you further.  You can make an appointment to see him by visiting the Spiritual Life and Ministry Offices (located in the Newton Hobson Chapel and Fine Arts Center) or calling 864-644-5431.