Password Reset Update

Technology is always changing. In response to these changes, SWU is transitioning to new servers for some of our services. This change will affect the password reset tool on mySWU. 

We understand that our campus has endured many changes this semester, particularly in regard to resetting passwords.  Therefore, we want to provide clear information and appropriate support to guide you through these additional changes.  

Because of the server change, your mySWU password will be separate from your Microsoft password.  This will require you to have two separate passwords with two different reset processes.


  • The large blue "Password Reset" link on the mySWU Home tab will no longer be used to reset one integrated password. 
  • You will reset your mySWU password using the "I forgot my password" link located below the login fields.  
  • When you change your mySWU password, it will be passed along to Canvas and iSupport. No other change is required for those two services.
  • Your username for mySWU will be your SWU ID number. You will no longer be able to use your email address to login.
  • All mySWU passwords are required to be changed as of May 11, 2021.  
  • Tutorial Video:


  • A separate password will be set up through Microsoft for email and all other Office365 applications, your network login, campus and lab computers, library resources, and Papercut. 
  • You will reset these passwords all at once through Microsoft at  
  • After May 11th, you will be prompted to enter alternate contact information in Office365 the first time you check web-mail. This alternate contact info will be used in the verification process when resetting your password.


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