This password reset tool has been restored to reset mySWU and SWU email passwords.

This password change tool is intended for use by Alumni, Employees and Students of Southern Wesleyan University.

Change My Password

Not a SWU alumnus, employee or student?
In order to change your password, you must have a SWU ID number, and the information listed below must already exist in our database under your records: Why do you need this?

If you have any records in our database, you have been assigned a SWU ID Number. Your ID Number is stored in our database along with personal information, such as your Legal Name and Date of Birth. This information is all private and secure, and should not be widely known.

By providing this key information, you are verifying that you are requesting a password change, and that you are who you say you are. It is important, therefore, that the information you provide matches your information as it is stored in our database. If the information you provide does not match, we cannot verify your identity, and you will not be able to change your password using this tool.

As a final verification step, when your password is changed, you will receive an email notification advising you of that fact.

  • SWU ID Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Legal First Name
  • Legal Last Name
  • Last five digits of your Social Security Number

If you are not a SWU alumnus, employee or student, and as long as the above information is on record for you in our database, you can still use this tool to change your password.

If you do not know your SWU ID number, please contact the Office of Academic Records or the Alumni Office to verify your information and obtain your ID number.

If you believe your information is stored in our database, please give this tool a try! If all else fails, you can call Tech Support at 800-289-1292 ext 5050 for assistance.