Sync My Calendar

The links below will provide you with an iCal file allowing you to load all events for a specific campus calendar directly into Outlook or other compatible calendars.  Event changes are not automatically updated to your device, so you will want to update it often to make sure you have the latest event information, times and locations.  If a PDF copy is available it will be listed beside the calendar link.

How it Works:

For Laptops and Desktops

  1. If you are working from a laptop or desktop system, select the Calendar link you wish to access and then open your Outlook Desktop App and you will find the Calendar labeled as "Untitled" under "Other Calendars". If you are already logged in, change over from Mail to Calendar view from within Outlook. 
  2. You can rename the Calendar if you wish by right clicking it and selecting "Rename" and you can merge it to your other Calendars by right clicking it and selecting "Overlay".

For Apple Devices

  1. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, search in a browser.
  2. Select the Mobile Site
  3. Select Calendar Sync
  4. Select the Calendar you wish to access.
  5. Select Add All.
  6. Select where to add the Calendar
  7. Select Done once, then select Done a second time.  

All Campus Events  - Adds all events for all calendars. 

Academic - Adds only academic events for fall 2016.

Athletics - Available soon

Campus Dining - Available soon

Chapel - Available soon

Conference Services - Available soon

Enrollment - Available soon

HR Calendar - Adds all employee holidays and campus employee specific events.

Fine Arts - Adds only fine arts events for academic year 2016-17.

Orientation - Adds all items on the events calendar

Project Read©- Adds Project Read© courses

Summer Camps - Available soon