Dropout Detective Early Alerts in CANVAS

Here are the three steps for submitting an alert note:

1. In Canvas, click on DROPOUT DETECTIVE in your Course Navigation Menu. (You can change its location in the menu in Settings/Navigation.

2. Click on the name of the student for whom you wish to send the alert. (Click on the ALL tab to show all of your students, if needed.)

3. On the next screen, click on NOTES.  Type your message in the box, click ACTIVATE ALERT and then SAVE.


These notes remain in a student’s Canvas account. They create a permanent, time-stamped record of alerts, and acknowledgement of alerts. You can keep your message brief, like “needs a tutor,” “needs a writing coach,” “not paying attention in class,” “not turning in assignments,” “not prepared for class,” “consistently tardy,” “inappropriate classroom behavior.”

We will receive an email notification of your alert—and the appropriate person will respond by sending you back a note in Canvas as we attempt to work with the student. You will receive an email alert when we post a note back to you.