What students are saying:

"My favorite thing about being in the program has definitely been getting the chance to get to know a staff member that I may not have previously had the chance to do so. I look forward to our time every week because I know I am going to leave feeling encouraged!" -Junior, Biology major

"I ask questions about life, masters program (school), hypothetical scenarios, etc. I’m comfortable knowing I can trust my mentor with what’s currently going on in my life." -Sophomore, Human Services major

"I have enjoyed being able to sit and talk with someone who has never met me before. It was like having a clean slate. There was never any pressure to share information about my life and I have been able to open up at my own pace." -Senior, Forensic Science major

"I have been able to pour out my feelings and receive unbiased, honest and wisdom-filled advice from a Godly woman!" -Freshman, Education major



What faculty/staff are saying:

"I became a mentor to support, encourage, be a listening ear and the biggest fan of a SWU student." -Education faculty member

"I volunteered because I wanted to be more involved in the campus community outside of the fine arts department." -Fine Arts faculty member

"I became a mentor to offer hope to those who feel like giving up.  Being able to speak truth in love is a gift worth sharing." -Alumni staff member

"I volunteered because I love to pour into students one-on-one, especially those students who invite you into their world." -Student Life staff member

"Being a mentor is rewarding. The relationship I've developed with my mentee is a two-way street. We laugh at lot and learn from each other. I highly recommend signing up to be a mentor. It really does make a difference." -Religion faculty member

Mentor Manual

This document is a comprehensive guide for mentors. It includes all of the training documents.

(.docx, 5234K)

Please use this template to track meetings with your mentee

(.xlsx, 11K)

 Want A Mentor_poster.pdf

Download and advertise our program! You can print, post to an announcement within Canvas, hang on your office door, etc.

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Training Documents

This document is a comprehensive guide for mentors. It includes all other documents listed in this section.

(.pdf, 939K)

Each One, Reach One frequently asked questions.

(.pdf, 97K)

Top 5 ways to be an excellent mentor.

(.docx, 62K)

This document provides a SAMPLE schedule for mentors to use throughout the semester.

(.docx, 5108K)

Topics include: personal development and student involvement as well as strategies to promote emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, occupational, spiritual, and financial health.

(.docx, 67K)

If you have questions about the do's and don't of SWU's FERPA policy, please contact the Office of Academic Records.

(.docx, 148K)

This document includes ideas for helping students navigate stress.

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