2012 Yearbook

Indexing for the 2012 SWU Yearbook: If you want to know if a person appears in the 2012 SWU yearbook, select the Name Index file.  If you want to have a list of people who appear on each page (even when not named in the yearbook), select the Descriptive Listing.
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Alphabetical list of names of persons in the 2012 SWU Yearbook, including each person named and each identifiable person appearing in photos.
(.pdf, 243K)
A page-by-page listing of names of people appearing in the 2012 SWU yearbook.  Many persons appear in photos without names--this list attempts to provide the names of each identifiable person pictured in the yearbook.
(.pdf, 336K)
This file is specifically for identification detail for the photos on pp. 79-80 of the 2012 SWU yearbook.
(.docx, 48489K)