Welcome to the School of Business homepage.  We have put handouts and files that will help you in your business career here.
In Christ,
Dr. Moore

Business Activities List

You are responsible to attend 5 activities from this list.  Mrs. Sandra Catron is tabulating the attendance.
(.doc, 94K)

Advising and courses for next semester...

Business Management Degree Checklist with 4 year planner on second tab.
(.xls, 675K)
Accounting degree checklist with 4 year planner on second tab.
(.xls, 1178K)


Please download this file if you are interested in applying for an internship next semester.  Dr. Mahony is the director of the internship program.  jmahony@swu.edu
(.doc, 254K)
Please work on this application ASAP... Your passport needs to be started ASAP.  Please email myself jmoore@swu.edu and Dr. Parker if you are interested floyd.parker@teleiosministry.org.
(.doc, 35K)
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