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Fall 2017 Semester
Fall 2017 Traditional Schedule (updated: 5/18/17) (.xlsx, 59K)
Fall 2017 AGS & Online Schedule (updated 5/24/17) (.xlsx, 35K)
Graduation Information
Traditional Graduation Application (.docx, 122K)
May 2017 AGS Graduation Application (.docx, 112K)
May 2017 Graduation Information for Graduates and Guests (.pdf, 54K)
May 2017 AGS Email (.pdf, 22K)
Spring 2017 Semester
Spring 2017 Traditional Exam Schedule (.pdf, 66K)
Spring 2017 Enrollment Day Instructions (.pdf, 54K)
Spring 2017 Traditional Schedule (updated 1/2/17) (.xlsx, 56K)
Spring 2017 AGS Schedule (updated 1/2/17) (.xlsx, 36K)
Graduate and Undergraduate Bulletins
16-17 Graduate Bulletin (.pdf, 440K)
16-17 Graduate Academic Programs (.pdf, 44K)
16-17 Graduate Course Descriptions (.pdf, 54K)
16-17 Undergraduate Course Descriptions (.pdf, 412K)
16-17 Undergraduate Academic Programs for CAS (.pdf, 394K)
16-17 Undergraduate Academic Programs Education (.pdf, 100K)
16-17 Undergraduate Academic Programs Business (.pdf, 41K)
16-17 Undergraduate Bulletin (.pdf, 1429K)
Fall 2016 Semester
Fall 2016 Traditional Exam Schedule (.pdf, 66K)
Fall 2016 Traditional Schedule (updated 08/11/2016) (.xlsx, 58K)
Fall 2016 AGS Schedule (updated 08/11/2016) (.xlsx, 32K)
Fall 2016 Enrollment Day Instructions (updated 08/08/2016) (.pdf, 54K)

Enrollment Day instructions for Monday, August 22.  These instructions are for the traditional students only.

Academic Records Information
SWU Traditional Program Academic Schedule Format effective Fall 2012 (.pdf, 211K)
Information on Requesting Transcript
Transcript Request Form (.pdf, 78K)
Transcript Request Instructions (.pdf, 49K)
Traditional Program Forms
SWU Registration Exception Form (.pdf, 185K)
Request for Disclosure of Confidential Education Record to a Third Party (.pdf, 73K)
Special Course Request Form (.docx, 108K)

Form used for Directed and Independent Studies.

Grade Appeal Form (Traditional Students Only) (.docx, 46K)

This form is to be used when a student is in disagreement with his or her instructor regarding an assigned course grade.  It should be submitted with all fields completed and after consultation with the instructor has not resolved the matter.  Do not submit this form if you have not yet consulted with your instructor regarding your concern.  Refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin for additional information regarding proper procedures for an Academic Grade Appeal.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.