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Please download and fill out this form for updates to your web directory bio and email to ewelch@swu.edu.

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Deadline is Friday at Noon

PLEASE NOTE: Due to difficulties some have been having with the form, please email all submissions until further notice, using the guidelines below. All submitted items are subject to editing to fit the newsletter format and possible rejection if criteria aren't met. 

Please provide as much detail as possible when submitting your story information, to ensure accuracy (Who, What, Where, When, correct spelling of names). When writing news items, please consult SWU's Editorial Style Guide. Keep items brief and engaging - approximately 100-150 words per item. Feel free to submit photos, flyers and relevant web links.

Formatting text, such as bolding, putting in italics, underlining, coloring or putting words in all caps, isn't necessary since I format for consistent appearance in the newsletter.

In addition to SWU News, you can also refer to the Announcements section of mySWU, which is constantly being updated. 












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