Workflow Troubleshooting

Is it possible to submit a document to multiple Workflow tracks simultaneously?

A submission can only be a part of one track at this time.

How can I tell if a payment was successful?

The transaction number shows up in the ONLINE_PAYMENT table. If a payment makes it into the transaction group, the payment was successful.

I'm having trouble with a dynamic approver query that references a data point. How can I fix this?

If your query properly pulling the information from the data point, you may need to go to back to Forms and remap the data points to Workflow.

How can I make sure that a data point is working correctly in Workflow?

One way to check if data points are working correctly in Workflow is to add an email that fires to yourself to the first stage of the Workflow track. This email should fire on the "OnAssignedToStage" event. In the body of the email, include the tokens for any mapped data points. Once the email fires, it will show if the values you're expecting for each mapped data point are being seen by Workflow.

Can a link to a workflow automatically include an email on form submission?

Not currently.