Dynamic Approvers

A dynamic approver is defined using a SQL query that selects the appropriate approver based on the ID Number of the user who originally submitted the document. Using dynamic approvers means the person approving the form can be different for each individual form submission depending on who submitted the form. For example, you can have a student's form submission sent to a specific advisor for approval.

Dynamic approver queries should only contain one column labeled 'HostID'.

The tag "@@SubmitterHostID" is used to reference the user who originally submitted the document. If the user is a guest user, "@@SubmitterHostID" will return "0". If using this dynamic approver in a public form, your query should consider the scenario when the original submitter does not have a host ID. You may also use "@@Document ID" in this view as well to reference the unique identifier of the document. Data point values can also be used within this query to supply values entered during the original submission.



How To

Create a dynamic approver query

Add a dynamic approver to a Workflow stage


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