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2/20/2020 11:30:31 AM

So your spouse cheated on you, and now your marriage is neck-deep in crisis mode. You may feel like a failure: your marriage may very well be over, and everything you put into it was for nothing. This experience has left you looking at the world through a very dark lens. Are you an unworthy, broken person – and […]

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2/20/2020 10:57:32 AM

Are you a guarded person? If you are, it’s going to be tough going to have true intimacy with your partner. And what goes hand in hand with a feeling that you always have to be on guard is… fun tends to take a backburner. Why? Because you can’t relax enough to have fun. It […]

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2/20/2020 10:50:18 AM

When your man says something that you don’t agree with, do you think he’s just flat-out wrong? And then, do you try to convince him as to why exactly he is wrong? There are a lot of couples who are currently miserable with each other, but they can’t pinpoint what the problem is with their relationship. They can’t seem to […]

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2/20/2020 10:45:28 AM

You probably think you know everything there is to know about your partner. Which means, you no longer ask any questions.  After all, there’s nothing new to learn, and why rehash what you already know? If this is how you view your partner, it could be the death knell for your relationship, for one very significant reason. […]

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2/20/2020 10:39:35 AM

Many marriage problems are the result of explosive emotional outbursts on the part of one or both spouses. Or, your marriage problem may include never expressing what you’re feeling to one another. While it’s important to acknowledge the emotions you feel, a balance must be struck so that you and your spouse can use emotions to come closer together—not drive an irreversible wedge […]

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2/20/2020 10:34:36 AM

Is your partner bored with you? You know the signs. We’ll go over them in this blog. I’ll also tell you how to re-spark your partner’s interest—in a most unexpected way. Keep reading, there’s more… Signs that Your Partner Isn’t Into You (Right Now) What can be more heartbreaking than to think our partner has suddenly lost interest in us? […]

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2/20/2020 10:29:38 AM

Maybe you can’t get your man’s attention accept through one particular way that seems to work: withholding sex. This may seem like the ideal way to get a man to perk up and pay attention, and yes—it may even accomplish that. But while it might temporarily grab his attention, it is absolutely one of the […]

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2/20/2020 10:22:01 AM

Are you miserable in your relationship? There is one code of conduct that all happy couples share: it’s one thing they DON’T ever do to each other. If you and your partner are doing it—that may explain why you’re currently miserable. In fact, you could be ruining a perfectly good relationship because of this one bad habit. […]

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2/20/2020 10:17:22 AM

Are you looking to kill the intimacy in your relationship? You’re probably thinking Stephanie has completely lost her marbles… well, before you cast your vote to send me off to the loony bin, hear me out. We’ve uncovered a few sure-fire ways couples kill intimacy without ever knowing it. Not exactly what you had in mind […]

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2/20/2020 10:00:55 AM

Many couples don’t understand where things go wrong in their relationship. They know things started out great, but then at some point, the relationship turned a dark corner. Today you’re going to learn how to go sleuthing for some relationship wreckers that may be present in your relationship which led to that turning point. And, […]

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